Eidet Sjøcamp Feriehus & campingplass
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Eidet Sjøcamp Feriehus & campingplass
Rissjøveien 59, Eidet
8475 Straumsjøen   
Tel.: +4790925671

Eidet Sjøcamp  Feriehus & campingplass_winter
Eidet Sjøcamp  Feriehus & campingplass

     Welcome to the web-site of Eidet Sjöcamp.

The camping near to the sea, with seabirds, otters, eagles and puffins. 

     The winter season of 2021 starts in february. This time of the year you can go fishing for the big cod, or you can be served cooked cod the traditional norwegian way. Cooked in sea water, served with liver and roe. The way for northern people to get enough vitamin D to keep up for the long winter without sunshine.   

 You can experience the aurore borealis in the outdoor hot water tub. Water heated up to 35° C. This is a spctacular event, and has to be prepared some hours in advance to get the water heated. It takes 8 to 9 hours of intence heating to ensure that event shall be a sucsess. Of course the meteo must be on our side. Snow and a little wind is no problem, but the clouds and the moon shine can be. The light from ful moon can "kill" the northern lights.

  • You can choose different ways of spending the night at Eidet Sjocamp:    Tenting, rooms, huts and rorbus (fisherman's hut) are possibilities available.
  • If you have a caravan or a mobile home you'll find all you need: Toilets with shower, electricity, water and sanitary compost, in addition you can empty your chemical toilet.
  • You can rent a boat if you want to go out fishing, or you can try to catch a fish from the shore with a fishing rod. You can also visit some small islets with white sand beaches where people have settled hundreds of years ago, now deserted. You can visit the reminiscences of ancient constructions; quays and boat houses. You can also see the groundwall of buildings that were left some 60 years ago.. The last inhabitants left about 60 years ago to join the population where the electicity had already been introduced.
  • You may also have a bath in an outdoor tub with warm water for 6 to 7 persons. There is an open grilhouse surrounding the tub where you can have your BBQ-party. If you wish to heat the water yourself, it will take about 8 hours and cost NOK 400,-.( Firewood is aditional) . 
  • Very special is the visit to the cave where the local author Regine Normann had to hide her writings from her husband, the perish clerk. He was more reigious than the pope and did not allow her to write. Some pupils showed her this cave where they often had fun in the dark. When they had fun, she wrote, and she hid away her writings befor leaving.
  • Later she left for Christiania(Oslo) where she fulfilled her dream to become a teacher. She has written and published 18 books. 70 years old she was awarded The King's Goldmedail for her work. Today this cave is to be visited. Contact: +4790925671
  • Welcome and good luck! 

     More info on www.visitvesteralen.com

             Tore A. J.

Preise: von 20€ pro pe bis 80€ pro pe

The price for 2 couples in Fishermans cottage is 30 EUROs pr. person and night. 2 Kitchens well equipped and, one has dishwasher. There is biologiqual toilet and hot water shower. Magnificent view out the fjord. Two balconies makes it easier to find a comfortable, sheltered place.

Rooms in the mainhouse: For two adults in a double room the total price pr. night is 5O EUROs. Babies (less than 2 years) free.
Children (max 2)under 10 yers, 10 EUROs.
We take EUROS.
Family with two children under 10 years:65 EUROs pr. night. You then have a big livingroom with fireplace, bathroom with shower, big bedroom/ saloon with kitchen.
Linnen can be hired 18€ pr. person.

  • Direkt am Meer / See
  • Schigebiet
  • Am Land
  • Absolute Ruhelage
  • Frühstücksbuffet
  • Regionale Spezialitäten
  • Familienfreundlich
  • Kinderermäßigung
  • Parkplatz
  • Busparkplatz
  • Luxussuite
  • Appartement
  • Standard Zimmer
  • Einzelbett
  • Doppelbett
  • Zimmer mit WC
  • Zimmer mit Dusche
  • Radio
  • Internetanschluss
  • Küche od. Kochnische
  • Behindertengerecht
  • Aircondition
  • Whirlpool
  • Bootsverleih
  • Hallenbad
  • Reiten
  • Fitnesstudio
  • Fischen / Sportfischen
  • Grillen im Freien
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