Eidet Sjøcamp
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Eidet Sjøcamp
Rissjøveien 59, Eidet
8475 Straumsjøen   
Tel.: +4790925671/+4799633905

Eidet Sjøcamp Eidet Sjøcamp   Eidet Sjøcamp Rissjøveien 59, Eidet
If your business is in need for an excitement, maybe a trip to Eidet Sjöcamp can solve the problem.
Birds watching, fishing og cave climbing can be some of the events. A bright night on top of the mountain can be spectacular even for the lokals.

If you stay for a week or more, the house has a special offer. The big bathtub outside will be heated for you free of charge. There is sitting place for 7 persons. Heated by wood in a stove immerged, it will take 8 hours to get the water warm. By the tub there is a space for a BBQ all sheltere by walls.
Eidet Sjøcamp Straumsjøen       Eidet Sjøcamp Vesterålen, Seeadler , Dreizehenmöwen ,  Anglerurlaub
Some birds are easier to get on close when the light is not so bright. Here we can see cormorans in tle light from the midnight sun.
The last photo shows how close to the horison the sun comes at midnight in july.
On the photo next to the last one you can see a bird looking for fish to catch.
Cormorans and see parrots are active day and night in the summertime.
Eidet Sjøcamp Nordland   Eidet Sjøcamp Nordland
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