Eidet Sjøcamp
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Eidet Sjøcamp
Rissjøveien 59, Eidet
8475 Straumsjøen   
Tel.: +4790925671/+4799633905

Eidet Sjøcamp Eidet Sjøcamp   We are on the way to visit the puffin coloni at Mâsnyken. It is late evening, and the sun is hidden behind Trehyrna.
To the left you can see the well knovn and caracteristic Spjöten. Even the queen found it interesting to take a photo of it.
Eidet Sjøcamp Rissjøveien 59, Eidet   We have arrived at the colony and some birds try to fly away. They however are so ful from food and so heavy that they cannot manage. Instead they escape by diving.
Eidet Sjøcamp Straumsjøen       Suddenly a dark shadow appears in the sky, the big whitetailed eagle. On its wings, that can measure 2,5 meters, it can survay what is going on on the surface and deep into the sea.
The puffins are very woulnerable when they break the surface after diving for food.
Eidet Sjøcamp Vesterålen, Seeadler , Dreizehenmöwen ,  Anglerurlaub   The sun is at the lowest at 01.00 o'clock in the morning. Because of european summertime it is so. How a new day starts and there has been no night.
We go back home and try to get some sleep before the heat of the sun gets to strong.
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